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Roussillon, France

Domaine Jean-Philippe Padié Vin de France Milouise 2014

Grenache Gris, Macabeu, Grenache Blanc
Organic Status:
12.16% (Number on label may differ)
The Cuvée name comes from Jean-Philippe's grand-parents Milou and Louise. A brilliant follow up to the one off 5+5 as it turns out, this Grenache Gris dominant, foudre made and aged wine made from very low yielding old biodynamically farmed vines is simply awesome. It possesses a mere 12.16% alcohol and 29 mg/L SO2 Tot, brilliant acidity but is also extraordinarily intense, rich and complex. It perfectly represents Jean-Philippe Padié's craft to produce perhaps the most playful wines of the 5 well-known producers based out of Calce. The third eye on the label seems highly appropriate!
Tasting Notes:
One of the most exciting whites tasted in 2015, it's more than 3-D! There's a kaleidoscope of aromas including lemon, mandarin, peach, apple, melon, butter, cream, vanilla, mineral, white pepper, toast, Provençal herb, chestnut... The palate is rich and rounded but all the fat is cut through by very fine, smooth crystal acidity. Beautiful!
Vintage Notes:
2014 was a challenging and complicated year in the Languedoc Roussillon, overall wet and cool by comparison with average. However, the best vignerons turned this to their advantage: while the cool weather gave freshness and the rain gave juice. Moreover, there was little rot in well-farmed, well-sited organic and biodynamic vines, so producers were able to harvest quite late to gain excellent flavour ripeness while maintaining attractively low alcohol. It's a delicious follow up to the very fine 2013.
Jean-Philippe Padié farms dozens of small parcels of vines around the village of Calce. All are worked organically and biodynamically. The soils are a real mosaic, being predominantly Grenache Blanc on limestone-clay, Grenache Gris on grey clay, both planted around in the 1930s, and Macabeu on schist, planted around 1970. The climate is Mediterranean, dry and hot but with cooling sea breezes from two directions, the Mediterranean a few kilometres away to the east and the north Tramontane (or cross mountain) wind. The vines are 65 year old Grenache Gris and Blanc, 35 year old Macabeu. Grapes are harvested by hand of course.
Very simply made in stainless steel tank after a very light crushing and very long pressing before settling. Using wild yeasts, no additives, no sulfites until a touch at bottling and minimal temperature control. It was moved to small 2007 foudres to finish fermentation and to age for 4 months in order to gain complexity through gentle oxidation.
1,200 bottles (100 cases)
Product Code:
¥8,640 / bottle SRP inc. tax

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