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Southern Rhône, France

Papa Provençal Vin de France Cuvee V by James Syrah 2015

Syrah 100%
Organic Status:
Lutte raisonnée
13.20% (Number on label may differ)
My goal in making this wine was to blend different parcels of Syrah from the Ventoux region of the Southern Rhone to produce a Syrah with richer, sweeter fruit than is typical of a Northern Rhone Syrah, but still captures the varietal character but with more freshness than is typical of Southern Rhone. My winemaker is really getting to know my style now after we've been working together for 5 years!
Tasting Notes:
This offers luscious black cherry and cassis fruit with a lick of black pepper spice. It's pure fruit goodness. Tannins are smooth, acidity is gentle but refreshing. It's not a wine to think about but rather to drink and enjoy and to share!
Vintage Notes:
After two challenging years (that produced some stunning wines) 2015 was "back to business"! The Spring was mild and weather steady, allowing for an even flowering. Summer was typically hot and dry and the challenge therefore was to keep freshness in the wines. The resulting wines are sunny! Rich fruit, with low acidity and relatively high alcohol degrees that really don't matter if all else is in balance.
In the western Ventoux of the Southern Rhone, this is much higher altitude and much fresher than the heartland around Chateauneuf or Vacqueyras. Soils are clay-limestone and viticulture is organic for the climate is perfect for it, particularly with the Mistral wind that follows humid spells. The quality of the wine results from the vineyard work to achieve a higher yield (relatively speaking because we're still talking around 40hl/ha, hopefully plus a bit), therefore more juice, without loss of quality of aromatic and phenolic matter.
Simple, traditional, with no messing around. The harvest is only de-stemmed - for balance in a wine at this level - fermentations are relatively short, maceration lasts around 3 weeks, and temperature is controlled basically to the upper 20sº. Bottling is after 6 months. The fruit, the terroir is captured as naturally as possible.
7,200 bottles (600 cases)
Product Code:
¥1,944 / bottle SRP inc. tax

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