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Southern Rhône, France

Papa Provençal Vin de France Cuvee V by James Muscat Sec 2015

Muscat a Petits Grains 100%
Organic Status:
Lutte raisonnée
13.50% (Number on label may differ)
From sandy soils near sea between Avignon and Montpellier, combines classichoney and salty acidity, to make a unique style. Simple winemaking.
Tasting Notes:
A lovely honeyed character envelopes the aromas of grapefruit, lemon, lychee, apricot and muscat and on the palate the wine is surprisingly dry with tangy, saline acidity energising the fruit.
Vintage Notes:
After two challenging years (that produced some stunning wines) 2015 was "back to business"! The Spring was mild and weather steady, allowing for an even flowering. Summer was typically hot and dry and the challenge therefore was to keep freshness in the wines. The resulting wines are sunny! Rich fruit, with low acidity and relatively high alcohol degrees that really don't matter if all else is in balance.
From very low lying sandy clay soils next to the Bassin de Maugio near Lunel near the Mediterranean sea, long used to produce sweet muscat wines, now increasingly used for making dry wines. Such vines receive cooling and humid sea breezes to balance the otherwise hot, dry Mediterranean climate and the table water is more notably saline here. The vines are around 40 years old. Grapes are harvested end August, beginning September.
Berries were lightly crushed into tank to macerate on their skins overnight before being gently pressed into stainless tank where the juice cold settled and clarified before fermentation at a relatively low 15C to get a nice balance of aroma and fruit without being too fruity. The wine is matured 6 months in stainless steel tank. The wine is bottled very lightly filtered.
2,400 bottles (200 cases)
Product Code:
¥1,944 / bottle SRP inc. tax

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