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Domaine Jean-Philippe Padié

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Revue Vins de France: 100 Grands Vins de Mediterranee “Padie’s style is personal, minimal and refined”

RVF: Best of 2010: “Padie is an emblem of the New Wave in Catalonia, with a style that’s pure, clear cut, crystalline, smart; lovers of big, extracted wines should look elsewhere...”

WA, 2014: "Given both the quality of his work and the popularity in certain circles of low-sulfur or sulfur-free bottlings, I am surprised his have not garnered more American attention, but they will certainly reward it."
Roussillon, France
Owner / Winemaker:
Jean-Philippe Padié
Size, Total Production:
14 ha, 25,000 bottles
Dry, Mediterranean with Tramontane (Northerly) wind
Limestone, schist and clay
Carignan, Grenache, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Grenache Blanc, Grenache Gris, Macabeu
Organic Status:
Jean-Philippe Padié grew up in Bourgogne but his roots lie in the south-west where his grandparents lived. It was there that he first tasted the wines of Plageoles which inspired him years later to make wine. He studied in Montpellier and in 2001 moved to Calce to work with Gauby where he was cellar master. He acquired his first vines and founded his own estate in 2003; today he exploits a real mosaique of more than 30 small parcels of vines over 14 hectares.

Calce, though tiny with just 200 inhabitants, is quite a dynamic village, being home to the likes of Gauby, Matassa, Horizon and Pithon. Pretty much everyone has worked with Gauby at one time and it’s fascinating to see how each vigneron expresses himself after that experience from similar land. Calce is just a few kilometres from the Mediterranean and 15 km from Perpignan in this Catalan corner of France. The name Calce refers to the chalk mineral content of the soil. There’s schist and clay, too. This is wild and beautiful country, the air thick with the aromas of wild herbs, a touch of salt from the sea breeze and a sense of freedom.

Padié is young, curious, humorous, modest and kind; and passionate about making small-scale, high quality wines from his exceptional terroir. He practises organic and biodynamic viticulture, making wines from extremely low yields, old vines. He makes the wine in a small cellar underneath the family house right in the centre of the village opposite the rather excellent local cafe which serves an impressive selection of wines from the village. He uses only wild yeasts, no additives and no sulphur until bottling, in a mix of tanks, old and new barrels of different sizes; in short, very naturally. The wines aren’t obvious fruit bombs, as are so many Roussillon wines, but very distinctively crafted, with relatively low alcohol levels and gorgeous purity of fruit and mineral concentration as well as brilliantly refreshing.

Wines from Padié

Padié Vin de France Fleur de Cailloux 2014

Grenache Gris, Macabeu, Grenache Blanc
The name means "flower of the stones" and that's just what this fabulous natural wine represents, a vivid, exquisite expression of the stony soils it's born from. Jean-Philippe Padié is perhaps the most playful and possesses the lightest touch of the gang of 5 producers in Calce who work biodynamic and (mostly) sans sulfites to produce some of the finest wines of Southern France. This is a blend of the three fine native grapes that offers complexity to he who seeks complexity but ready refreshment to the rest of us! The Mediterranean fruit and energy is awesome for just 11.90% alcohol. 35 mg/L SO2 Tot. This really is drinking the vines!
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Padié Vin de France Milouise 2014

Grenache Gris, Macabeu, Grenache Blanc
The Cuvée name comes from Jean-Philippe's grand-parents Milou and Louise. A brilliant follow up to the one off 5+5 as it turns out, this Grenache Gris dominant, foudre made and aged wine made from very low yielding old biodynamically farmed vines is simply awesome. It possesses a mere 12.16% alcohol and 29 mg/L SO2 Tot, brilliant acidity but is also extraordinarily intense, rich and complex. It perfectly represents Jean-Philippe Padié's craft to produce perhaps the most playful wines of the 5 well-known producers based out of Calce. The third eye on the label seems highly appropriate!
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Padié Vin de France Petit Taureau 2014

Carignan, Syrah
Schist and chalk, light and dark (vines facing east and west), yin and yang (Carignan and Syrah), this wine is a Petit Taureau, a bull, but a gentle little one! Made from biodynamically farmed vines without sulfites by Jean-Philippe Padié who is perhaps the most playful and possesses the lightest touch of the 5 producers who work out of Calce to produce some of the finest natural wines of Southern France. Like the Fleur de Cailloux, this gorgeous, soft, gentle red is a brilliant expression of the stony soils it's born from, with subtle complexity, cool freshness and fantastic Mediterranean fruit and energy. Just 12.81% alcohol and 12 mg/L SO2 Tot.
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