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Domaine Charvin

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Robert Parker: “I always find Charvin’s wines come closest to those of Chateau Rayas, although the Charvin cuvees are slightly more concentrated.”
Southern Rhône, France
Owner / Winemaker:
Laurent Charvin
Size, Total Production:
24 ha, 100,000 bottles bottles
Dry, Mediterranean with Mistral wind
Sandy, some limestone and clay, some galets roules
Grenache and all other Chateauneuf varieties plus a little Carignan and Merlot
Organic Status:
Charvin is one of the finest and most sought after producers in Chateauneuf. His production is limited and, refreshingly, he makes only one cuvee of Chateauneuf, although he makes a reasonable quantity of very fine Cotes du Rhone that’s better than many a lesser Chateauneuf. Though an old Domaine, it only came to prominence after Laurent Charvin took over from his father in 1990, when in his very early 20s, and started bottling the production himself.

The Domaine and vineyards are entirely situated in the northern sector of Chateauneuf and largely on north-facing hillsides, in contrast to many Chateauneuf estates who have a patchwork of vineyards in different sectors of the appellation. Charvin works the vineyard himself and it’s all carried out organically.

In the cellar, he’s a minimal interventionist and a traditionalist. Thus he ferments and ages 100% in concrete tank, using whole bunches, wild yeasts, very little sulphur, no other additives, and with minimal extraction. Laurent Charvin likes to point out the simplicity of his process. The wines, of course, are anything but simple! They’re complex and vary from year to year expressing the vintage quite transparently. Nonetheless, they always show intense dark fruit aromas, which is balanced by a mineral cool freshness with impeccably crafted ripe tannins.

Laurent Charvin himself is perhaps similar in that he’s of the new generation in Chateauneuf but steers an approach that eschews all the modern, oenologist-driven methods. And sticks to a traditional approach - like Jean-Paul Versino at Bois de Boursan - which rewards the drinker with spectacular wines. Few wines in Chateauneuf - or the world - have as much personality, elegance and complexity combined.

Wines from Charvin

Charvin Côtes du Rhône 2013

Grenache 85%, Syrah, Carignan
If you want to discover the real, traditional taste of Rhone wine, made by one of the great artisan producers of today, this is it. This is surely tomorrow's cult wine, lost today in the sea, the ocean, of mediocre, mass-produced, modern, technological Cotes du Rhone. Taste Charvin to re-discver, or discover for the first time, what great, real wine can be produced for a modes price, with a great terroir. Charvin Chateauneuf grows in stature and quality with every vintage. The Cotes du Rhone is one of the great teases. It's also organic and contains minimal sulfites. 2013 is a sublime vintage.
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Charvin Châteauneuf-du-Pape 2013

Grenache 85%, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Vaccarese
Charvin is very special. It's hard to describe how much Chateauneuf-du-Pape has changed over the last decade towards a modern and heavily Parker-influenced style of wine; and we're not fans. Charvin, like Bois de Boursan, has rested true to the roots and traditions of this brilliant terroir. Works organically and makes his wines like his ancestors. A real artisan star of Southern France, if you want to discover the beauty of Grenache, stop here!
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