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Domaine Charmasson

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Liberation, June 2013, recommends: Charmasson Blanc "It was a curious wine, very aromatic, without any heaviness, thanks to its lively acidity and nice point of bitterness. Living, sensitive, different."
Southern Rhône, France
Owner / Winemaker:
Christian & Nadia Charmasson
Size, Total Production:
5 ha, 10000 bottles
Mediterranean with Mistral wind
Sands and Clay, with stony topsoils
Grenache Noir, Grenache Blanc, Cinsault, Viognier, Marsanne, Roussanne, Clairette, Mourvèdre
Organic Status:
Certified Biodynamic
Once upon a time, Nadia and Christian Charmasson made the best Tavel in town. But, sadly they gave up because the market seemed to want a Tavel easier to understand than the subtle, complex, sensitive wine they made they struggled. Moreover they didn't have the resources to compete against the well-known brands of Tavel.

They stopped making wine and we lost contact with them for a while. Then, fatefully, and to our astonishment, during summer, 2013, we saw a bottle of their wine with a new, but recognisable, label, sitting on the shelves at Mendall in Spain. Since it now bore a Demeter mark and was in Laureano's collection, we knew that Nadia and Christian must have re-found their groove!

They had taken a step back from their old way of working to ask themselves how they wanted to do what they loved doing. Their answer was to give the land a completely different care, through Biodynamics, and to later adopt an approach of just letting the wine make itself (as much as possible - the grapes aren’t going to climb off the vines and jump into the vats!). They have become certified Demeter and are just watching to see what happens in the cellar with their new approach.

Although their nearest neighbour in Tavel is L'Anglore, these are very different wines. There is a spare-ness, a loose-ness, a sort of effortlessness and back to basics feel to the wines that is quite nourishing and enriching.

Wines from Charmasson

Charmasson Vin de France Balazu des Vaussieres Blanc 2013

Grenache Blanc 50%, Clairette, Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier, Bourboulenc
From Nadia and Christian Charmasson’s biodynamic estate in Tavel, the white shows another face of the Charmasson natural approach to wine making. This is a blend based on Grenache Blanc and really shows the oily, herbal, stone fruit character of the terroir. Wine making is by hand and very simple, some skin contact, no additives whatsoever, no sulfites. The wine MUST have some aeration, being a living wine with energy that’s been kept in bottle for nearly two years!
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Certified Biodynamic

Charmasson Vin de France Sept Syllabes Rosé 2014

Grenache, Cinsault, Clairette, Mourvèdre, Syrah, Carignan
Nadia and Christian Charmasson are based in Tavel and used to make one of the best we ever tasted, a full-bodied but subtle, lovely rosé wine. But they wanted to make natural wines and use their grapes in both Tavel and Lirac for red, white or rosé as they thought the grapes fitted best, thus Tavel grapes for red as well rosé. This rosé is made from a blend of 7 grapes and has an amazing complexity and terroir transparency. Production is tiny, winemaking totally non-interventionist, whole bunch and no makeup. The wines are truly hand-crafted.
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Charmasson Vin de France La Valériane Rouge 2012

Grenache, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Carignan, Clairette
From Nadia and Christian Charmasson’s biodynamic estate in Tavel, using Tavel fruit as well as LIrac, this is one of the most beautiful, perfumed natural wines I’ve tasted this year. It’s made by whole bunch ferment and bottled and labelled by hand. This is Grenache at its most spectacular outside of old school Chateauneuf. You sense the warmth as well as the depth of Provençal flavour.
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