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Côtes du Rhône

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This is an enormous generic appellation covering 170 communes and 6 departments and 32,000 hectares.  Inevitably, there is a wide range of styles and quality levels.  The key is to buy from producers who excel at making wines from the top appellations, where the style will vary according to whether the terroir is Chateauneuf or Gigondas or Vacqueyras etc.  Likewise price will vary according to the terroir, yield, quantity produced and who makes it.  Top producers in Chateauneuf, like Clos du Caillou, Charvin and Usseglio turn out some stunning Cotes du Rhones, which offer all the concentration but not quite the complexity or finesse of their own Chateauneuf but which are superior to many other producers’ Chateauneufs.  Away from such top appellations, a generic such as Espiers red or Boyer white can offer some of the best value quality drinking in the world for their combination of fruit hedonism and fine structure.

32,000 hA
January, 1937
Southern Rhône, France

Wines from Côtes du Rhône

Espiers Côtes du Rhône Blanc 2014

Clairette 60%, Roussanne 40%
One of our favourite winemakers of Gigondas and Côtes du Rhône, Philippe Cartoux, makes just 2,000 litres of a delicious white by using two complementary grapes: the Clairette gives freshness and finesse and the Roussanne gives fruit and fat. The wine is fermented and aged in old barriques with the malo allowed to add complexity and depth as well as softness. As with Espiers reds, this white offers aromatic richness with a refreshing drinkability at the same time.
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Espiers Côtes du Rhône 2014

Grenache 70%, Syrah 15%, Mourvèdre 15%
Outstanding fruit purity, freshness and elegance. Organic. Made traditionally, very gently. Great value. A personal favourite! Listed at Ducasse, Robuchon & Gagnaire in France.
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Charvin Côtes du Rhône 2013

Grenache 85%, Syrah, Carignan
If you want to discover the real, traditional taste of Rhone wine, made by one of the great artisan producers of today, this is it. This is surely tomorrow's cult wine, lost today in the sea, the ocean, of mediocre, mass-produced, modern, technological Cotes du Rhone. Taste Charvin to re-discver, or discover for the first time, what great, real wine can be produced for a modes price, with a great terroir. Charvin Chateauneuf grows in stature and quality with every vintage. The Cotes du Rhone is one of the great teases. It's also organic and contains minimal sulfites. 2013 is a sublime vintage.
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