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The Corbieres appellation is huge, with over 13,000 hectares stretching from the Mediterranean to some 60km inland. Much wine is mass produced and seen as a source of cheap and easy wine. However, a few producers such as Les Clos Perdus are taking a new angle and, investing considerable care and energy, setting out to make truly distinctive and special wines.

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January, 1970
Languedoc, France

Wines from Corbières

Clos Perdus Corbières Prioundo 2013

Grenache 80%, Cinsault 20%
Prioundo means the beautiful valley in the language of Oc, the "langue d'oc". This wine wears an air of serenity. It's farmed biodynamically and made without sulfites, just a dash at bottling to give 25 mg/L SO2 Tot. It's also made with wild yeasts and half whole bunch, from a Rhône blend that's atypical here and comes out more mineral, floral and earthy than would a Southern Rhône wine. This shows why Les Clos Perdus is considered one of the top artisan farmers today in the Languedoc-Roussillon.
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Clos Perdus Corbières Mire La Mer 2013

Mourvèdre 65%, Carignan 30%, Grenache 5%
This is one of the Languedoc-Roussillon's most interesting and finest wines, from a unique blend of 40 year old Mourvèdre and over 100 year old Carignan. Biodynamically farmed and made with wild yeasts and without sulfites until a touch at bottling (to give 37 mg/L SO2 Tot), it's part fermented and then aged in new and old oak barriques to achieve a complex, rich but marvellously alive wine that will also age brilliantly.
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